For more than half a century, I have experienced the beauty of Mathematics, and through teaching and learning I have enjoyed helping to make it fun and more easily accessible for thousands of adults and children. I wish to continue that happy work via this website.

Pictured below, we see lots of children enjoying a Magic Math Assembly, including a nice dose of Chess and prizes too!

Here is a list showing the locations of all the Math puzzles which I have posted so far:-

Father & Son Puzzle

and Math/Chess Brainteaser 1 in Blog Post #1: One Family;

Silver Wedding Anniversary Surprise for Paul & Gill; Cute Cup Puzzle; Birthdays Brainteaser in Blog Post #2: Friends Forever;

All The Threes; Zero The Hero; Threes Mental Multiplication Brainteaser in Blog Post #3: Gifts For All;

Love Math Puzzle in Blog Post #4: Angels;

Silver Wedding Anniversary Surprise for Andrew & Julie; Quick Counting Puzzle; The Magic of 22 in Blog Post #5: St. Andrew;

Happy Birthday soon, Eliane!; Truly Terrific Tuli T-shirt!; Initial Initials Puzzle!; Friends on Facebook Brainteaser! in Blog Post #6: Kindness;

Mary’s Math; Super-Sizzling Summer Brainteaser! in Blog Post #7: Gifted;

Beauty with the number 2.22 in Blog Post #9: Beauty;

Stretch Yourself! & Giant Chess! in Blog Post #10: Peaceful Fishermen;

Mr. Mo’s Magic Math Trail in Blog Post #11: Good Secrets;

Colourful Mini Chess! & Eight In A Row! in Blog Post #12: Talents;

Nieces & Nephew, Ages Puzzle & Happy Birthday, Nicola, Erik, Christine & Micky! in Blog Post #13: Differences;

Young Marcello’s 99×99 in Blog Post #14: Brothers, Sisters, Children, Champions!;

Happy Birthday, Little Brother! in Blog Post #15: Mountains;

Family Math Brainteaser! & My Tropical Island Code Quiz! in Blog Post #16: Cloud 99;


Sneaky, Fun, Math Puzzle!! in Blog Post #18: Perseverance;

Prime Possibilities Fun Brainteaser & Bonus Brainteaser in Blog Post #19: H2O 20202, A FRESH 2nd CHANCE TODAY;

Quick Quiz Questions! and Gillian & Daniel’s Birthday Brainteaser! and Happy Birthday Michael! in Blog Post #20: From Belgium With Love;

Incredible Isabelle’s Multiplication Maze Brainteasers! in Blog Post #21: Everyone Is Invited;

You’ll Love 1 Math Fun!! & For Isabelle, whose favourite number is 8, in Blog Post #22: Loved Ones;

Sneaky Siblings Brainteaser! & Super-Quick Archimedes Puzzle! & A More Meaty Puzzle! in Blog Post #23: Neighbors;

Paul’s Pairs Puzzle in Blog Post #24: One True Treasure Beyond Measure;

Fun with 27; Magic Square; Prime Math Brainteaser/Joke! in Blog Post #25: 3x3x3 Peace for You, Me and Everybody;

A Story For Every Number & Christmas Calendar Puzzles in Blog Post #26: Father And Mother, I Love You;

Early 50th Birthday Surprise To Anja For 14.12 in Blog Post #27: Early;

The 28-Puzzle and Evelyn & Mischa’s 110 Celebration Christmas Brainteaser in Blog Post #28: Perfect;

Wishing Well & A Proposal in Blog Post #30: 110% NOT BY CHANCE;

A lovely, wee puzzle from my very dear friend Tim Upton (19.12.1958-10.1.2018) is included in the tribute Tim, A Truly Gentle Giant (published on 15.1.2018);

Sunday Is Special & The Twin Brothers Puzzle in Blog Post #32: Together;

Moments In Time Brainteasers & Jolly Jo’s Math/Word Brainteasers! in Blog Post #33: Moments In Time;

Happy Birthday Wishes, Today for Tomorrow, Yngvild!  & Halves of Eight, Joke/Riddle! in Blog Post #34: LOVING DAY;

Sneaky Product! in Blog Post #35: Very Quick Surprise!

Brainteaser from Berlin! & Brainteaser Starring Jenny & Karen! & Brainteaser Starring Alex & Karen! in Blog Post #36: With Love and Thanks to Alex and Karen;

Two Number 37 Brainteasers feature in Blog Post #37: Iedereen Is Belangrijk;

Fun Early 60th Birthday Puzzle For Rob Maas in Blog Post #38: For Rob: a double 38 this Saturday, please!! 

Multiplication Fun! in Blog Post #39: Sharing;

Prize Competition Brainteasers 1 & 2 in Blog Post #40: Prize Competition, end-of-March Birthday Brainteasers for You!!

Eric Liddell Challenge! & Solutions to previous Brainteasers 1 & 2 in Blog Post #41: We Can All Be Winners;

Happy Anniversary Brainteaser! in Blog Post #42: Happy Anniversary!


50th Birthday Surprise for Jenny in Blog Post #43: Jenny

Reciprocals Brainteaser in Blog Post #44: MG

Maximum Math! brainteaser in Blog Post #45: Fresh Ideas;

“Brainteaser for my little brother’s birthday tomorrow!” in Blog Post #47: Magical Music;

The ISBN Puzzle features in Blog Post #48: Maths Enrichment & Fun from Cambridge;

The 49 Puzzle and the 49 Squared Puzzle in Blog Post #49: Seventy Times Seven;

The E Puzzle and Myriam’s Birthday Puzzle in Blog Post #50: A Myriad of Miracles;

A pair of “150” surprises for Ronald Gallacher in Blog Post #51: Forever Young;

A fun brainteaser inspired by the date 15.2.19 in Blog Post #52: Beautiful Little Bird;

Brainteaser inspired by Isabelle’s drawing in Blog Post #53: Incredible!

The LOVE Puzzle in Blog Post #54: Happy Easter!

The 1, 1, 5, 8 puzzle in Blog Post #56: Grateful is one of my favourites!

The P, J & M puzzle stars in Blog Post #57: Happy Birthday & Happy Wedding Anniversary!

The SEASON puzzle features in Blog Post #58: Happy Birthday, Aunt Sheila!

A delightful puzzle involving no less than five birthdays features in Blog Post #59: Family Fun!

There’s a special Maths puzzle for a friend named Sarah in Blog Post #60: For Sarah

There’s Christopher’s Birthday Bonus puzzle & a sneaky “One billion trick challenge” in Blog Post #61: For Christopher & Kristina!

There’s BIRTHDAY MAGIC & Ruth’s Birthday Bonus in Blog Post #62: For Ruth, Diana, Micky, Phoebe, Charlie &…EVERYONE!

There’s a 2020 number puzzle in Blog Post #63: Wishing Everyone A Very Happy New Year 2020 !

We have the Peter-Myriam-Haley Brainteaser and a bonus for my little sister in Blog Post #64: For Haley, Myriam, My Little Sister, Peter The Great AND a school pussy cat!

There are several fun, mathematical puzzles in Blog Post #65: For Dear Colleagues Kate and James

There’s a sneaky number puzzle in Blog Post #66: Thinking of You

There’s a delightful wee puzzle for the lovely Princess Pilu in Blog Post #67: For Princess Pilu & Super-Boy Steven!

The ‘Happy First Jenny Memory Puzzle’ features in Blog Post #68: For Jenny

Headmaster Herman’s “Be sharp!” puzzle features in Blog Post #69: Enjoying Chess!

We have a quick Maths puzzle featuring prime numbers in Blog Post #71: Dual Jewels and Jules!

One that I like even more appears in Blog Post #72: Appreciation of Beauty

A sneaky number puzzle in honour of Sacha (one of my son’s very best friends) is included in Blog Post #73: Sneaky Surprises for Sacha!

A special birthday brainteaser features in Blog Post #74: For Genevieve, Julie, Marcello, Timothee and Yordi!!

A couple of fresh, fun Maths puzzles feature in Blog Post #75: Turn Over A New Leaf

A neat, new puzzle features in Blog Post #76: Magical Joy & Peace

A brand-new brainteaser features in Blog Post #77: Happy New Year 2021 Fun Brainteaser!

One of my favourite new puzzles features in Blog Post #78: Super-Smart Young Ladies!

A sneaky puzzle features in Blog Post #79: For Elizabeta!

There’s a feast of Maths puzzles to enjoy in Blog Post #80: Good Lives Global Prize Competition!

The fun continues in Blog Post #81: Top of the Class, Nice Niklas!!

…and I’m sure you’ll enjoy Blog Post #82: Terrific Talents!

The fun brainteasers continue in Blog Post #83: Magical Duets!

We also have delightful surprises in Blog Post #84: Day 21412

…and they continue in Blog Post #85: Orchestral Feeling

One my absolute favourite mathematical Music brainteasers features in Blog Post #86: For Three Good Friends: Jacques, Peter and Annabel xxx

Mathematical ideas arise in a fresh way in Blog Post #87: Ace Musica Mundi School!

Blog Post #88: 39916800 Surprises for Herman & Others! is one of the most fun posts so far!

Blog Post #89: For A Really Nice Norwegian Family xxx

was a great pleasure to do, too, as was the sequel:

Blog Post #90: A Thousand Years

We have beautiful puzzles in Blog Post #91: Unforgettable Memories!

There’s a great brainteaser near the end of Blog Post #92: Rainbow of Love

Blog Post #93: Happy Birthday, Kristina! is packed with fun!

So is Blog Post #94: Sneaky Surprises for Zooming Zoe!

One of my absolute favourite, super top-fun posts is Blog Post #95: For Two Lovely Ladies xx

Another personal favourite of mine is Blog Post #96: Celebrating Cansu

A feast of fun puzzles features in Blog Post #97: Early happy birthday wishes for Helen, a bright, shining light

Another banquet of puzzles and good fun is served in Blog Post #98: Fabulous Friday Fun For A Fantastic Four!

and the goodies continue in Blog Post #99: Hoi Yuet’s Happy High Five!

One of my favourite puzzles features in Blog Post #100: A Priceless Gift of Love for Easter

We have more fun in Blog Post #101: Super Sigurd advances from 10 to 11!

There’s tons more fun in Blog Post #102: Happy Birthday Wishes Amplified for Romy H., with thanks also to Tessa VG.

Try the birthday brainteasers and see if they’re ‘a piece of cake’!!

There’s a wonderful brainteaser in Blog Post #103: Early Happy Birthday Wishes for Max…and for me!!

Fresh goodies are to be found in Blog Post #104: What A Wonderful School!

and in Blog Post #105: Great Chess in Geraardsbergen!

There are more goodies in Blog Post #107: Always a Teacher and a Student too

We have a super-fun Math puzzle in Blog Post #108: Thinking of You

and the fun continues in Blog Post #109: Happy Birthday Magic Maths for Hagit and Leonid!!

One of my favourites is Blog Post #110: Colors of Love with U

and Blog Post #111: Lovely To Meet You is nice, too!

The fun continues in Blog Post #112: Happy Holy Days 😊

There are great-great-grandfather puzzles in Blog Post #113: Nice puzzles for 11.11 tomorrow

and the goodies go on in Blog Post #114: For My Friend M.E. and for Mandy 😊

and in Blog Post #115: Happy Birthday Surprises for Timothée 😊

as well as in Blog Post #116: 003 Birthday Fun for a Great Friend 😊

Some nice ideas feature in Blog Post #117: Love Like A Child 😊

A super-fun Magic Math Assembly with hundreds of happy children on 23.9.2015 😊

There’s lots of good fun in Blog Post #118: A Case Full of Fun for ‘Tiffany’ 😊

and with thanks, too, in Blog Post #119: Love Whispers So Our Hearts Can Sing

We have lovely ideas in Blog Post #120: Prepare Your Heart β™₯

and in Blog Post #121: Sure Way Home β™₯β™₯β™₯

as well as in Blog Post #122: A Lamp and a Light β™₯

One of my absolute favourite personal articles is Blog Post #123: A Wish Come True β™₯

Blog Post #123 is in honour of Lucas, a young boy who loves Maths.

Another favourite is Blog Post #124: Peaceful Ways β™₯

Natasha is wished a very happy birthday in a special puzzle in Blog Post #124: Peaceful Ways β™₯

Blog Post #125: Happy Easter and happy birthday, Super Sigurd β™₯ is a super-fun article 😊

Blog Post #126 is packed with goodies β™₯😊β™₯

Blog Post #127: For Anuurai, a lovely lady whom I’ve never met!

is a particularly unusual and special blog post β™₯😊β™₯

A lovely numbers puzzle features in Blog Post #128: For a very special Queen β™₯

Blog Post #129: Happy Rainbows β™₯😊😊β™₯ is loads of fun!

We have some delightful surprises with numbers in Blog Post #131: A Beautiful Double Discovery β™₯😊😊β™₯

Blog Post #132: More Muffins for Michail!, Part I β™₯😊😊β™₯ is jam-packed with fun!!

The fun continues in Blog Post #133: More Muffins for Michail!, Part II β™₯😊😊β™₯

Blog Post #134: Lovely Surprises for Leonid β™₯😊😊β™₯ is one of my favourite, super-fun posts!

Blog Post #135: A Gift from God β™₯ is really nice, too!

Blog Post #136: Chess Greetings to Friends Worldwide β™₯😊😊β™₯ is lots of fun!!

Blog Post #137: VIPs Young and Old β™₯ is a special post

Blog Post #138: With One’s Whole Heart β™₯ is a very happy post,

as is Blog Post #139: Yo, Jens! 😊😊

I like Blog Post #140: Every Precious Moment Counts β™₯ even more! 😊β™₯

Blog Post #141: Christmas Celebration of Love β™₯ is one of my absolute favourite personal posts to-date

Blog Post #142: Good Knowledge β™₯ contains good messages, and fun puzzles too!

Blog Post #143: Infinitely Precious β™₯ features several students and teachers from my school β™₯

Blog Post #144: A Taste of Heaven β™₯ is probably my absolute favourite personal post, to-date β™₯

Blog Post #145: Happy New Year Brainteasers! 😊β™₯😊 makes for a lovely start to 2023 😊

Blog Post #146: Three Books 😊β™₯😊 is packed with good things!

Blog Post #147: Cascade de Surprises! 😊β™₯😊 is a high favourite, so far!

Blog Post #148: Giant Rescue Operation Codename R-E-V-S! 😊β™₯😊 is even more fun!!

Blog Post #149: A Funny Tale of Pairs of Pairs of Furry Tails!! 😊β™₯😊β™₯ is another super-fun post!

Blog Post #150: An Epicentre of Culture β™₯ features Max Gililov, a new friend who was visiting Musica Mundi School 😊

Blog Post #151: Thank You for dear Hans & Heleen 😊❀😊 is very precious to me ❀

Blog Post #152: A Good Heart πŸ’– is a very happy post 😊

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