Blog Post #53: Incredible!

Dear Readers,

Since last August, I have been very happy and grateful for getting to work on Mathematics with wonderful students in a beautiful new school. Isabelle is one who loves to sketch creative drawings when she finishes Maths tests early with some minutes to spare. Today, I will feature a brainteaser about the following picture. Continue reading “Blog Post #53: Incredible!”

Blog Post #52: Beautiful Little Bird

Dear Readers,

A beautiful little bird (painted by Jagoda, a talented friend of mine) tells me that the fun brainteaser in this blog post could well keep many people and their friends entertained and thinking for a fair wee while! Inspired by today’s date (15.2.19), your challenge is to find the maximum number of consecutive positive whole numbers which, when all added together, produce a total sum of exactly 15219.

Continue reading “Blog Post #52: Beautiful Little Bird”

Blog Post #51: Forever Young

Dear Readers,

This particular blog post is dedicated not only to my youngest sister (whose birthday is coming the day after tomorrow), but also to Jan & Jenny (friends I’ve met through my new school), and to Isabelle, one of my talented Maths students who also has a flair for Art. Most of all, this post is dedicated to Ronald Gallacher, a really kind friend in Scotland whom I first met way back before and during our teens at high school in Dundee. Continue reading “Blog Post #51: Forever Young”