Blog Post #123: A Wish Come True β™₯

Dear Readers,

If I didn’t actually know the name of the remarkable boy in the photo below, then I might need a very large dose of luck to guess his name correctly, or I might just need to ask! A funny thing is that, if you simply remove the repeated letters in LUCK ASK, you’ll find the nice name directly β™₯

A unique puzzle is coming in honour of Lucas 😊

Exactly two weeks ago, Lucas (the son of Laetitia, one of the great chefs at Musica Mundi School) came up to me at lunchtime to specially tell me that he loves Maths β™₯

Every day since then, I have been pondering many ideas for creating a unique puzzle in honour of Lucas…and here today the wish is happily coming true 😊

The puzzle goes like this…I am thinking of three different one-digit whole numbers which are not all odd! The smallest one is Lucas’ favourite number; the largest one is Lucas’ age; the other number is one that I have a close bond with.

If I multiply the three numbers together, the result is a three-digit palindromic number which reads the same from left to right or from right to left.

Your fun challenge is to figure out Lucas’ age, his favourite number, and my mystery number!

I intend to publish the answers within a couple of weeks from now, and in the meantime I wish you lots of happiness in all that you do β™₯

With kindest wishes as always,

Paul M😊twani xxx

P.S. = Puzzle Solution!

Lucas is 9, his favourite number is 4, and my mystery number was 7.

9 x 4 x 7 = 252, an even palindromic number.