“A book is a dream that you hold in your hand,” said Neil Gaiman, and I certainly share his feeling about good books. On this site, I hope to feature and review many fine books, eventually.

Bear with me!

I promise to choose well!

Grandmaster Andrew Soltis’ “365 Chess Master Lessons” features in Blog Post #5: St. Andrew;

Two great chess books by world-class grandmaster Boris Gelfand get special mention in Blog Post #11: Good Secrets;

A to Z Chess Tactics features in Blog Post #21: Everyone Is Invited;

The New Sicilian Dragon, a 2009 Everyman Chess book by Grandmaster Simon Williams (the ‘Ginger GM’) gets special mention in Blog Post #23: Neighbors;


Sarah Young’s “Jesus Calling” gets special mention in Blog Post #24: One True Treasure Beyond Measure

“The Modernized Reti” by International Chess Grandmaster Adrien Demuth gets specially reviewed in Blog Post #29: Refreshing Reading;

Below: GM Adrien Demuth

Below: WGM Erika Sziva who runs De Beste Zet chess shop

A powerful quote from Pope Francis’ Little Book Of Wisdom is included in Blog Post #37: Iedereen Is Belangrijk

Great books feature in Blog Post #46: Chess Gems Galore from Thinkers Publishing!

A very fine Mathematics book from Cambridge features in

Blog Post #48: Maths Enrichment & Fun from Cambridge

One of the many wonderful books by Dr. Wayne W. Dyer features in Blog Post #72: Appreciation of Beauty

Robert Morris’ superb ‘The Blessed Life, Unlocking the Rewards of Generous Living’ (first published way back in 2002) is highly recommended in Blog Post #81: Top of the Class, Nice Niklas!!

Books feature nicely in Blog Post #83: Magical Duets!

The Holy Bible and Bob Barnes’ ’15 Minutes Alone With God’ have top place in Blog Post #146: Three Books 😊♥😊



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