For many years, in addition to teaching Mathematics, I also taught Language Arts, and my students always had a notebook which we named ‘Wonderful Words’. Memorable words that people have spoken or written can inspire and encourage others, and so I will endeavour to feature lots of fine examples within my blog posts. Here is one favourite quotation:

“Teach us to give and not count the cost.”-St. Ignatius de Loyola


I also hope to give plenty of word puzzles.

Here is a list showing the locations of all the word puzzles which I have posted so far:-

Word Puzzles 1, 2, 3 & 4 in Blog Post #1: One Family;

Angels Word Puzzle in Blog Post#4: Angels;

Left-over Letters Puzzle; Quick Counting Puzzle in Blog Post #5: St. Andrew;

Wallet Riddle in Blog Post #6: Kindness;

GIFT to LOVE in Blog Post #7: Gifted;

NICE puzzle & FISH to MALT! in Blog Post #10: Peaceful Fishermen;

Chalice puzzle in Blog Post #11: Good Secrets;

C IN DETAIL puzzle in Blog Post #13: Differences;

A MIST NOUN in Blog Post #15: Mountains;

My Tropical Island Code Quiz! in Blog Post #16: Cloud 99;

Sneaky, Fun, Word Puzzle!! in Blog Post #18: Perseverance;

Sang To U & Banjo Mine! Fun Word Puzzles in Blog Post #20: From Belgium With Love;

Five Jumping Wizards! in Blog Post #21: Everyone Is Invited;

Neat Switch & Good Fruits in Blog Post #23: Neighbors;

Secure Tin Puzzle in Blog Post #24: One True Treasure Beyond Measure;

Fun Word Puzzle in Blog Post #25: 3x3x3 Peace for You, Me and Everybody;

Michael’s Brainteaser Word Puzzle in Blog Post #26: Father And Mother, I Love You;

Evelyn and Mischa’s Feast, a Christmas word puzzle in Blog Post #28: Perfect;

Mighty Little Word Puzzle! & Help Everyone To C It! in Blog Post #30: 110% NOT BY CHANCE;

RESIST! word puzzle in Blog Post #32: Together;

Jolly Jo’s Math/Word Brainteasers! in Blog Post #33: Moments In Time;

NORWAY TODAY Brainteaser in Blog Post #34: LOVING DAY;

Which Letter? in Blog Post #39: Sharing;

TINY TREE in Blog Post #41: We Can All Be Winners;

MUSICA MUNDI SCHOOL WORD PUZZLE in Blog Post #47: Magical Music;

The photo just above shows me in Brussels beside the Jacques Brel statue, which was sculpted by artist Tom Frantzen.

There’s a special word puzzle for a friend named Sarah in Blog Post #60: For Sarah

Fun word puzzles feature in Blog Post #74: For Genevieve, Julie, Marcello, Timothee & Yordi!!

A nice word puzzle about musical composers features in Blog Post #75: Turn Over A New Leaf

A beautiful word puzzle features in Blog Post #76: Magical Joy & Peace

An I DREAM CHESS word puzzle features in Blog Post #79: For Elizabeta!

The first puzzle in Blog Post #80: Good Lives Global Prize Competition! is a word puzzle.

The fun continues in Blog Post #81: Top of the Class, Nice Niklas!!

…and I’m sure you’ll enjoy Blog Post #82: Terrific Talents!

Sneaky surprises continue in Blog Post #83: Magical Duets!

…and again in Blog Post #85: Orchestral Feeling

A fresh, creative word puzzle features in Blog Post #87: Ace Musica Mundi School!

Blog Post #88: 39916800 Surprises for Herman & Others! is one of the most fun posts so far!

We have a delightful word puzzle in Blog Post #91: Unforgettable Memories!

The fun continues in Blog Post #92: Rainbow of Love

One of my absolute favourite, super top-fun posts is Blog Post #95: For Two Lovely Ladies xx

A feast of fun puzzles features in Blog Post #97: Early happy birthday wishes for Helen, a bright, shining light

Wonderful word surprises are among the treats in Blog Post #98: Fabulous Fun Friday For A Fantastic Four!

We have more fun in Blog Post #101: Super Sigurd advances from 10 to 11!

There’s tons more fun in Blog Post #102: Happy Birthday Wishes Amplified for Romy H., with thanks also to Tessa VG.

 Fresh goodies are to be found in Blog Post #104: What A Wonderful School!

and in Blog Post #105: Great Chess in Geraardsbergen!

as well as in Blog Post #106: Forever with my King

There are more goodies in Blog Post #107: Always a Teacher and a Student too

We have lovely word puzzles in Blog Post #108: Thinking of You

and in Blog Post #111: Lovely To Meet You

The fun continues in Blog Post #112: Happy Holy Days 😊

and there’s a lovely word puzzle in Blog Post #113: Nice puzzles for 11.11 tomorrow

and in Blog Post #114: For My Friend M.E. and for Mandy 😊

and a funny one in Blog Post #115: Happy Birthday Surprises for Timothée 😊

as well as in Blog Post #116: 003 Birthday Fun for a Great Friend 😊

Lots of favourite words feature in Blog Post #117: Love Like A Child 😊

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is blessed-through-our-lord-jesus.jpg
Jesus said, β€œLet the children come to me. Don’t stop them! For the Kingdom of Heaven belongs to those who are like these children.”

There’s lots of good fun in Blog Post #118: A Case Full of Fun for ‘Tiffany’ 😊

and with thanks, too, in Blog Post #119: Love Whispers So Our Hearts Can Sing

We have lovely ideas in Blog Post #120: Prepare Your Heart β™₯

and in Blog Post #121: Sure Way Home β™₯β™₯β™₯

as well as in Blog Post #122: A Lamp and a Light β™₯

Two of my absolute favourite personal articles are Blog Post #123: A Wish Come True β™₯

and Blog Post #124: Peaceful Ways β™₯

“Peace begins with a smile.”
“Let us always meet each other with a smile, for the smile is the beginning of love.”
Mother Teresa of Calcutta.

Blog Post #125: Happy Easter and happy birthday, Super Sigurd β™₯ is a super-fun article 😊

Blog Post #126 is packed with goodies β™₯😊β™₯

Blog Post #127: For Anuurai, a lovely lady whom I’ve never met!

is a particularly unusual and special blog post β™₯😊β™₯

Blog Post #129: Happy Rainbows β™₯😊😊β™₯ is loads of fun!

We have some delightful surprises with words in Blog Post #131: A Beautiful Double Discovery β™₯😊😊β™₯

Blog Post #132: More Muffins for Michail!, Part I β™₯😊😊β™₯ is jam-packed with fun!!

The fun continues in Blog Post #133: More Muffins for Michail!, Part II β™₯😊😊β™₯

Blog Post #134: Lovely Surprises for Leonid β™₯😊😊β™₯ is one of my favourite, super-fun posts!

Blog Post #135: A Gift from God β™₯ is really nice, too!

Blog Post #136: Chess Greetings to Friends Worldwide β™₯😊😊β™₯ is lots of fun!!

Blog Post #138: With One’s Whole Heart β™₯ is a special post, as is

Blog Post #139: Yo, Jens! 😊😊

I like Blog Post #140: Every Precious Moment Counts β™₯ even more! 😊β™₯

Blog Post #141: Christmas Celebration of Love β™₯ is one of my absolute favourite personal posts to-date

Blog Post #142: Good Knowledge β™₯ contains good messages, and fun puzzles too!

Blog Post #143: Infinitely Precious β™₯ features several students and teachers from my school β™₯

Blog Post #144: A Taste of Heaven β™₯ is probably my absolute favourite personal post, to-date β™₯

Blog Post #145: Happy New Year Brainteasers! 😊β™₯😊 makes for a lovely start to 2023 😊

Blog Post #146: Three Books 😊β™₯😊 is packed with good things!

Blog Post #147: Cascade de Surprises! 😊β™₯😊 is a high favourite, so far!

Blog Post #148: Giant Rescue Operation Codename R-E-V-S! 😊β™₯😊 is even more fun!!

Blog Post #149: A Funny Tale of Pairs of Pairs of Furry Tails!! 😊β™₯😊β™₯ is another super-fun post!

Blog Post #150: An Epicentre of Culture β™₯ features Max Gililov, a new friend who was visiting Musica Mundi School 😊

Blog Post #151: Thank You for dear Hans & Heleen 😊❀😊 is very precious to me ❀

Blog Post #152: A Good Heart πŸ’– is a very happy post 😊 as is

Blog Post #153: A Super High Five For All MMS Students πŸ‘πŸŽΆπŸ’–

Blog Post #154: Happy Easter, Celebrating Jesus’ Triumph Over Death β™₯ is written with gratitude and joy πŸ˜ŠπŸ’–

Blog Post #155: Fun Birthday Surprises for Jens, just 3 x 3 x 3 x 3 + 4 days early! πŸ˜ŽπŸŽ‚πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ is tons of fun!!

Blog Post #156: You Are A Lovely, Truly Delightful Miracle!! πŸ’–πŸ˜Š is one of my absolute favourite posts!

So is Blog Post #157: Nice Prize Puzzles in Honour of AndrΓ©e!! πŸŽπŸŽ‚πŸ’–πŸ˜Š

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