For many years, in addition to teaching Mathematics, I also taught Language Arts, and my students always had a notebook which we named ‘Wonderful Words’. Memorable words that people have spoken or written can inspire and encourage others, and so I will endeavour to feature lots of fine examples within my blog posts. Here is one favourite quotation:

“Teach us to give and not count the cost.”-St. Ignatius de Loyola


I also hope to give plenty of word puzzles.

Here is a list showing the locations of all the word puzzles which I have posted so far:-

Word Puzzles 1, 2, 3 & 4 in Blog Post #1: One Family;

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Left-over Letters Puzzle; Quick Counting Puzzle in Blog Post #5: St. Andrew;

Wallet Riddle in Blog Post #6: Kindness;

GIFT to LOVE in Blog Post #7: Gifted;

NICE puzzle & FISH to MALT! in Blog Post #10: Peaceful Fishermen;

Chalice puzzle in Blog Post #11: Good Secrets;

C IN DETAIL puzzle in Blog Post #13: Differences;

A MIST NOUN in Blog Post #15: Mountains;

My Tropical Island Code Quiz! in Blog Post #16: Cloud 99;

Sneaky, Fun, Word Puzzle!! in Blog Post #18: Perseverance;

Sang To U & Banjo Mine! Fun Word Puzzles in Blog Post #20: From Belgium With Love;

Five Jumping Wizards! in Blog Post #21: Everyone Is Invited;

Neat Switch & Good Fruits in Blog Post #23: Neighbors;

Secure Tin Puzzle in Blog Post #24: One True Treasure Beyond Measure;

Fun Word Puzzle in Blog Post #25: 3x3x3 Peace for You, Me and Everybody;

Michael’s Brainteaser Word Puzzle in Blog Post #26: Father And Mother, I Love You;

Evelyn and Mischa’s Feast, a Christmas word puzzle in Blog Post #28: Perfect;

Mighty Little Word Puzzle! & Help Everyone To C It! in Blog Post #30: 110% NOT BY CHANCE;

RESIST! word puzzle in Blog Post #32: Together;

Jolly Jo’s Math/Word Brainteasers! in Blog Post #33: Moments In Time;

NORWAY TODAY Brainteaser in Blog Post #34: LOVING DAY;

Which Letter? in Blog Post #39: Sharing;

TINY TREE in Blog Post #41: We Can All Be Winners;

MUSICA MUNDI SCHOOL WORD PUZZLE in Blog Post #47: Magical Music;

The photo just above shows me in Brussels beside the Jacques Brel statue, which was sculpted by artist Tom Frantzen.

There’s a special word puzzle for a friend named Sarah in Blog Post #60: For Sarah

Fun word puzzles feature in Blog Post #74: For Genevieve, Julie, Marcello, Timothee & Yordi!!

A nice word puzzle about musical composers features in Blog Post #75: Turn Over A New Leaf

A beautiful word puzzle features in Blog Post #76: Magical Joy & Peace

An I DREAM CHESS word puzzle features in Blog Post #79: For Elizabeta!

The first puzzle in Blog Post #80: Good Lives Global Prize Competition! is a word puzzle.

The fun continues in Blog Post #81: Top of the Class, Nice Niklas!!

…and I’m sure you’ll enjoy Blog Post #82: Terrific Talents!

Sneaky surprises continue in Blog Post #83: Magical Duets!

…and again in Blog Post #85: Orchestral Feeling

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Blog Post #88: 39916800 Surprises for Herman & Others! is one of the most fun posts so far!

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One of my absolute favourite, super top-fun posts is Blog Post #95: For Two Lovely Ladies xx

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There’s tons more fun in Blog Post #102: Happy Birthday Wishes Amplified for Romy H., with thanks also to Tessa VG.

 Fresh goodies are to be found in Blog Post #104: What A Wonderful School!

and in Blog Post #105: Great Chess in Geraardsbergen!

as well as in Blog Post #106: Forever with my King

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and in Blog Post #114: For My Friend M.E. and for Mandy 😊

and a funny one in Blog Post #115: Happy Birthday Surprises for Timothée 😊

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Lots of favourite words feature in Blog Post #117: Love Like A Child 😊

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is blessed-through-our-lord-jesus.jpg
Jesus said, “Let the children come to me. Don’t stop them! For the Kingdom of Heaven belongs to those who are like these children.”

There’s lots of good fun in Blog Post #118: A Case Full of Fun for ‘Tiffany’ 😊

and with thanks, too, in Blog Post #119: Love Whispers So Our Hearts Can Sing

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as well as in Blog Post #122: A Lamp and a Light ♥

Two of my absolute favourite personal articles are Blog Post #123: A Wish Come True ♥

and Blog Post #124: Peaceful Ways ♥

“Peace begins with a smile.”
“Let us always meet each other with a smile, for the smile is the beginning of love.”
Mother Teresa of Calcutta.

Blog Post #125: Happy Easter and happy birthday, Super Sigurd ♥ is a super-fun article 😊

Blog Post #126 is packed with goodies ♥😊♥

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