For many years, in addition to teaching Mathematics, I also taught Language Arts, and my students always had a notebook which we named ‘Wonderful Words’. Memorable words that people have spoken or written can inspire and encourage others, and so I will endeavour to feature lots of fine examples within my blog posts. Here is one favourite quotation:

“Teach us to give and not count the cost.”-St. Ignatius de Loyola


I also hope to give plenty of word puzzles.

Here is a list showing the locations of all the word puzzles which I have posted so far:-

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NICE puzzle & FISH to MALT! in Blog Post #10: Peaceful Fishermen;

Chalice puzzle in Blog Post #11: Good Secrets;

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A MIST NOUN in Blog Post #15: Mountains;

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Neat Switch & Good Fruits in Blog Post #23: Neighbors;

Secure Tin Puzzle in Blog Post #24: One True Treasure Beyond Measure;

Fun Word Puzzle in Blog Post #25: 3x3x3 Peace for You, Me and Everybody;

Michael’s Brainteaser Word Puzzle in Blog Post #26: Father And Mother, I Love You;

Evelyn and Mischa’s Feast, a Christmas word puzzle in Blog Post #28: Perfect;

Mighty Little Word Puzzle! & Help Everyone To C It! in Blog Post #30: 110% NOT BY CHANCE;

RESIST! word puzzle in Blog Post #32: Together;

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NORWAY TODAY Brainteaser in Blog Post #34: LOVING DAY;

Which Letter? in Blog Post #39: Sharing;

TINY TREE in Blog Post #41: We Can All Be Winners;

MUSICA MUNDI SCHOOL WORD PUZZLE in Blog Post #47: Magical Music;

The photo just above shows me in Brussels beside the Jacques Brel statue, which was sculpted by artist Tom Frantzen.

There’s a special word puzzle for a friend named Sarah in Blog Post #60: For Sarah

Fun word puzzles feature in Blog Post #74: For Genevieve, Julie, Marcello, Timothee & Yordi!!

A nice word puzzle about musical composers features in Blog Post #75: Turn Over A New Leaf