Ever since the age of 11, I have experienced the deep mysteries and beauty of The Royal Game.

Just as with Mathematics, through teaching and learning I have enjoyed helping to make Chess more easily accessible for thousands of adults and children.

I also wish to continue that happy work via this website.



Here is a list showing the locations of all the chess puzzles which I have posted so far:-

Math/Chess Brainteaser 1 in Blog Post #1: One Family;

Chess counting puzzle & Morphy’s mate in 2 in Blog Post #2: Friends Forever;

Chess Brainteaser: Mate in 3+3/3 moves in Blog Post #3: Gifts For All;

Checkmate Time! in Blog Post #4: Angels;

Sneaky Chess Trap! in Blog Post #5: St. Andrew;

Check On Your Mates! in Blog Post #6: Kindness;

Forced Mate In Four Moves in Blog Post #7: Gifted;

Giant Chess! & Professor Max Euwe in Blog Post #10: Peaceful Fishermen;

Two chess training puzzles in Blog Post #11: Good Secrets;

Chess Tactics Puzzle Position in Blog Post #12: Talents;