Ever since the age of 11, I have experienced the deep mysteries and beauty of The Royal Game.

Just as with Mathematics, through teaching and learning I have enjoyed helping to make Chess more easily accessible for thousands of adults and children.

I also wish to continue that happy work via this website.

Here is a list showing the locations of all the chess puzzles which I have posted so far:-

Math/Chess Brainteaser 1 in Blog Post #1: One Family;

Chess counting puzzle & Morphy’s mate in 2 in Blog Post #2: Friends Forever;

Chess Brainteaser: Mate in 3+3/3 moves in Blog Post #3: Gifts For All;

Checkmate Time! in Blog Post #4: Angels;

Sneaky Chess Trap! in Blog Post #5: St. Andrew;

Check On Your Mates! in Blog Post #6: Kindness;

Forced Mate In Four Moves in Blog Post #7: Gifted;

Giant Chess! & Professor Max Euwe in Blog Post #10: Peaceful Fishermen;

Two chess training puzzles in Blog Post #11: Good Secrets;

Chess Tactics Puzzle Position in Blog Post #12: Talents;

Check For The Best Way in Blog Post #13: Differences;

Chess in the Lions’ Den! in Blog Post #14: Brothers, Sisters, Children, Champions!;

A Chance Not To Be Missed In The Mist! in Blog Post #15: Mountains;

Level 99 Chess! in Blog Post #16: Cloud 99;

Don’t Be Greedy! in Blog Post #17: FAITH+FATHER=HEAVEN;

Persevering At Chess in Blog Post #18: Perseverance;

The Right Time Is Now! in Blog Post #19: H2O 20202, A FRESH 2nd CHANCE TODAY;

Taking On Karpov! & Quick Quiz Questions! in Blog Post #20: From Belgium With Love;

A to Z Chess Tactics & Warned: Beautiful but Tricky! in Blog Post #21: Everyone Is Invited;

Only One Is Needed in Blog Post #22: Loved Ones;

Red-Hot Chess Thoughts in Sicily! in Blog Post #23: Neighbors;

Ranks as a Chess Brainteaser! in Blog Post #24: One True Treasure Beyond Measure;

1 Chess File Missing, but it’s Checkmate in 2+7-1 ways! in Blog Post #25: 3x3x3 Peace for You, Me and Everybody;

Mate in One, with Two Files Missing! in Blog Post #26: Father And Mother, I Love You;

Look at the Rooks! in Blog Post #28: Perfect;

Some of my favourite chess positions from “The Modernized Reti” by International Grandmaster Adrien Demuth feature in Blog Post #29: Refreshing Reading;

Below: GM Adrien Demuth

Below: WGM Erika Sziva who runs De Beste Zet chess shop

Checkmate in a mere 3 moves!! in Blog Post #30: 110% NOT BY CHANCE;

A cracking 14-move win against a grandmaster by my very dear friend Tim Upton (19.12.1958-10.1.2018) is included in the tribute Tim, A Truly Gentle Giant (published on 15.1.2018);

Checkmate in only 33/11 moves! in Blog Post #33: Moments In Time;

Blog Post 34 Checkmate: Do We Need 3 moves, or 4? in Blog Post #34: LOVING DAY;

Winning Chess In Kortrijk, Puzzles 1 & 2 in Blog Post #37: Iedereen Is Belangrijk;

Invisible White Knight! in Blog Post #39: Sharing;

Mate in 4 on April 4th! in Blog Post #41: We Can All Be Winners;

What a Beauty! in Blog Post #42: Happy Anniversary!

It is Black to play and win, basically by force, in a beautiful way.

Quick computer chess game in Blog Post #45: Fresh Ideas;

Great books feature in Blog Post #46: Chess Gems Galore from Thinkers Publishing!

“Thank you for teaching me chess!” in Blog Post #47: Magical Music;

MATERIAL MATTERS LESS puzzle in Blog Post #54: Happy Easter!

There also a dose of chess in Blog Post #55: Hello, Friends!

It’s Black to play and win in the following position

which features in Blog Post #58: Happy Birthday, Aunt Sheila!

We have an invisible knight, quick checkmate puzzle in Blog Post #59: Family Fun!

We have another invisible knight challenge in Blog Post #60: For Sarah

There’s a checkmate bonus puzzle in Blog Post #61: For Christopher & Kristina!

There’s another checkmate bonus brainteaser in Blog Post #62: For Ruth, Diana, Micky, Phoebe, Charlie &…EVERYONE!

There’s a Happy New Year Checkmate puzzle in Blog Post #63: Wishing Every A Very Happy New Year 2020 !

We have a Cute Checkmate Challenge in Blog Post #64: For Haley, Myriam, My Little Sister, Peter The Great AND a school pussy cat!

There’s a neat chess puzzle (that recently caught out a very strong grandmaster) in Blog Post #65: For Dear Colleagues Kate and James

There’s a sneaky checkmate puzzle in Blog Post #66: Thinking of You

There’s a photo puzzle of sorts in Blog Post #67: For Princess Pilu & Super-Boy Steven!

and a nice chess brainteaser at the end!

The ‘Cheeky Chess Puzzle’ features in Blog Post #68: For Jenny

Another nice ‘n sneaky chess puzzle features in Blog Post #69: Enjoying Chess!

We have a feast of chess puzzles in Blog Post #71: Dual Jewels and Jules!

A stunning chess study is included in Blog Post #72: Appreciation of Beauty

White to play and win (a beautiful study composed by Leonid Kubbel in 1925).

A sneaky chess puzzle for Sacha (one of my son’s very best friends) is included in Blog Post #73: Sneaky Surprises for Sacha!

A lovely 1892 chess study by Henry Otten features in Blog Post #74: For Genevieve, Julie, Marcello, Timothee & Yordi!!

Another wonderful chess puzzle features in Blog Post #75: Turn Over A New Leaf

There’s a delightful mate in six puzzle in Blog Post #78: Super-Smart Young Ladies!

There’s a neat invisible piece/mate in 3 puzzle in Blog Post #79: For Elizabeta!

The final puzzle in Blog Post #80: Good Lives Global Prize Competition! is a neat chess puzzle.

The fun continues in Blog Post #81: Top of the Class, Nice Niklas!!

There’s a link to a fun chess video in Blog Post #85: Orchestral Feeling

A beautiful chess game features in Blog Post #91: Unforgettable Memories!

A lovely chess puzzle features in Blog Post #97: Early happy birthday wishes for Helen, a bright, shining light

Another excellent puzzle is included in Blog Post #98: Fabulous Fun Friday For A Fantastic Four!

We have more fun in Blog Post #101: Super Sigurd advances from 10 to 11!

There’s a delightful chess puzzle (a 1970 study by Alois Wotawa, with White to play and win) in Blog Post #103: Early Happy Birthday Wishes for Max…and for me!!

Fresh goodies are to be found in Blog Post #104: What A Wonderful School!

and in Blog Post #105: Great Chess in Geraardsbergen!

Further treats await you in Blog Post #106: Forever with my King

There are more goodies in Blog Post #107: Always a Teacher and a Student too

Wout pins one of Paul’s knights…