Blog Post #80: Good Lives Global Prize Competition!

Dear Readers,

Welcome to this ‘Good Lives Global Prize Competition’ with free entry for everyone of every country! The more puzzles you solve, the better for sure, but you may possibly still receive some prize for submitting some good answers even if they’re not all perfect. So, please don’t be shy! Just go ahead and enjoy the puzzles (detailed below), and don’t hesitate to send in your answers by email to, preferably by Sunday 17 January; the sooner, the better for you!

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Blog Post #79: For Elizabeta!

Dear Readers,

It’s quite late now in Belgium, but I still really wanted to write this wee article tonight as a nice, extra boost for Elizabeta, a truly outstanding Maths student (at Musica Mundi School in Waterloo, Belgium) who always produces terrific work!

Let’s have a fun word puzzle, right now!

Leave out just the very last letter of I DREAM CHESS, and use all of the other ten letters to make the name of a famous Greek mathematician from long ago…

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Blog Post #78: Super-Smart Young Ladies!

Dear Readers,

Every morning, I wake up with happiness and gratitude for God’s countless gifts,

including my job as the Mathematics teacher for wonderful students at Musica Mundi School, founded in Waterloo, Belgium, by Hagit Hassid-Kerbel and her husband, Leonid Kerbel.

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Blog Post #77: Happy New Year 2021 Fun Brainteaser!

Dear Readers,

Happy New Year, 2021! Earlier today, I gave a brand-new brainteaser to my smart and lovely wife, Jenny. She said that it’s quite tricky, but she still succeeded in solving it within a few minutes! So, if you also like puzzles, then I warmly encourage you to enjoy tackling the fun brainteaser. In case the puzzle is not your ‘cup of tea’, I still most sincerely wish you a very happy New Year filled with love, joy and peace.

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