Blog Post #9: Beauty

Dear Readers,

In Blog Post #7, I left you with a super-sizzling summer brainteaser to enjoy tussling with during the month of July, as I didn’t expect to be writing more here before August. However, after seeing a very interesting new film entitled “2:22” at the cinema last night, and then waking up this morning with a fresh, fun “discovery” in my mind, I decided to share it quickly. Please do have fun with it, too!

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Warm-Hearted, Generous and Unforgettable

Dear Readers,

This is just a small tribute to an extremely kind lady who was my boss for nine years, and is being shared with her family’s approval. Just four days ago, I learned that Johanna Bambridge, my wonderful former Elementary School Principal (from 2005-2014) at St. John’s International School, Waterloo, had died on the previous day, 6 July 2017, at the age of 65. Johanna’s family have been very moved by tributes from hundreds of caring friends, showing how greatly Johanna is loved.

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Blog Post #7: Gifted

Dear Readers,

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Blog Post #2: Friends Forever

Dear Readers,

This past week was so busy, with many colleagues and friends generously arranging all sorts of surprises for my birthday and my wife’s birthday too, that I’m only finally getting a chance now to put together this second blog post! Since lots of people very kindly thought of me–just as you are doing when you visit here–this new article is dedicated to all of you, with sincere thanks from me.

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Blog Post #1: One Family


Dear Readers,

Hello, and welcome to my very first blog, being posted in 2017 before I turn 55 on 13 June tomorrow! It is partly because I must soon say “Goodbye” to my great students and colleagues at a school where I have worked for 12 years that I now have this very precious time to write here for anyone who would like to join me on this fresh journey and adventure which, God-willing, will include lots of interesting stories and fun puzzles involving Chess, Math, word challenges and many other goodies! Though it can be sad to say “Goodbye”, it can… Continue reading “Blog Post #1: One Family”