Dear Readers,

The title of today’s article sums up what is most important in our short lives now, as the result will last forever.

An e-mail last night, on 17.9.17, from James Pitts–a great friend who also featured in Blog Post #2–reminded me that he and I had talked back in April about Continue reading “Blog Post #17: FAITH+FATHER=HEAVEN”

Blog Post #15: Mountains

Dear Readers,

Do you ever have the feeling that there’s a mountain of things that you would love to do, discuss and share with others, but may be wondering how and where to begin? I have had feelings like that for a while now, and today I am at the foot of the mountain, looking up. Continue reading “Blog Post #15: Mountains”

Blog Post #14: Brothers, Sisters, Children, Champions!

Dear Readers,

At the very start of one new school year, long ago, I had a class of 11 girls and 10 boys. When I asked my young students to look around and decide how many children there were in our class, one answer was particularly profound… Continue reading “Blog Post #14: Brothers, Sisters, Children, Champions!”

Blog Post #13: Differences

Dear Readers,

I once challenged a student to mentally rearrange the letters of C IN DETAIL to make a proper nine-letter English word. As a bonus clue, I said, “The number of C IN DETAIL people is zero”! Can you also now figure out the details mentally? Continue reading “Blog Post #13: Differences”

Blog Post #9: Beauty

Dear Readers,

In Blog Post #7, I left you with a super-sizzling summer brainteaser to enjoy tussling with during the month of July, as I didn’t expect to be writing more here before August. However, after seeing a very interesting new film entitled “2:22” at the cinema last night, and then waking up this morning with a fresh, fun “discovery” in my mind, I decided to share it quickly. Please do have fun with it, too!

Continue reading “Blog Post #9: Beauty”

Warm-Hearted, Generous and Unforgettable

Dear Readers,

This is just a small tribute to an extremely kind lady who was my boss for nine years, and is being shared with her family’s approval. Just four days ago, I learned that Johanna Bambridge, my wonderful former Elementary School Principal (from 2005-2014) at St. John’s International School, Waterloo, had died on the previous day, 6 July 2017, at the age of 65. Johanna’s family have been very moved by tributes from hundreds of caring friends, showing how greatly Johanna is loved.

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