Blog Post #47: Magical Music

Dear Readers,

It’s about 2 years and 3 months since I was a 2x3x3x3-year-old, and tomorrow my little brother also bids farewell to that age, as he then turns 55–but a very youthful one! Our phone conversations cover lots of topics of mutual interest, including our love of music. I will now have frequent fresh musical news to share, thanks to my new job as the Mathematics teacher for the primary, middle and high school students in Musica Mundi School, a stunningly beautiful music school in Waterloo.

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Blog Post #41: We Can All Be Winners

Dear Readers,

Hello again, and welcome to my 41st blog post. With my first 40 posts, I happily started a tiny tree, and now to start off today I have a quick puzzle coming for you!


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Blog Post #37: Iedereen Is Belangrijk

Dear Readers,

Two days ago, despite the icy weather conditions, it was a great pleasure for me to drive to Kortrijk Chess Club, where I met up with several friends whom I hadn’t seen for many years, as well as getting to begin numerous new friendships. Continue reading “Blog Post #37: Iedereen Is Belangrijk”

Blog Post #34: LOVING DAY

Dear Readers,

As my previous post was given on February 6, it was just slightly tempting from a mathematical point of view to wait until we had had February 7, 8, 9 and 10 before publishing Blog Post #34=7+8+9+10, but love will always be far more important than logic, and we should never wait until tomorrow to kindly offer the good that we could give today.

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Blog Post #33: Moments In Time

Dear Readers,

In the same way that many good people have taught me, I also encourage others to really treasure, and use well, the time that God gives us. I sometimes say, a bit wittily yet completely sincerely at the same time, “Please treasure every moment…and Mo meant it!” As it’s been 11 days since my previous blog post, and since my favourite number is 3, it’s now time for Blog Post #33=11×3. Continue reading “Blog Post #33: Moments In Time”


Dear Readers,

Tim Upton (19.12.1958-10.1.2018), who was one of my dearest friends and a truly gentle giant, died last Wednesday. I was so fond of Tim that I would like to do my best to try to express here some of what I learned from, and greatly admired about, my friend. Continue reading “TIM, A TRULY GENTLE GIANT”