Blog Post #99: Hoi Yuet’s Happy High Five!

Dear Readers,

Currently, my youngest Musica Mundi School Maths students are a super ‘High Five’ of Barbara, Jan, Julija, Sophie and—last, but certainly not least!—Hoi Yuet who turns from 11 to 12 tomorrow! They’ve all been happily and successfully going round in circles recently!!

Happily going round in circles!

Yes, the young stars have been solving numerous problems involving Circle Theorems, and have therefore encountered the number 360 more than a few times! They should all be awarded Degrees in Circles Maths!

Friends with no end!

To celebrate Hoi Yuet marching on and up from 11, feel free to grab a calculator and work out the high-five product 11 x 12 x 13 x 14 x 15.

A ‘High Five’ for Hoi Yuet and her classmates!

The result of 360360 will hopefully bring a nice, round smiley to some faces!

Young Music Stars & Talented Maths Students
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