Blog Post #87: Ace Musica Mundi School!

Dear Readers,

Some hours ago, I got to enjoy yet another unforgettably beautiful and inspiring concert at Musica Mundi School. Warm congratulations to all the wonderful, hardworking students and the very dedicated teachers who helped to prepare them so well.

Afterwards, I wrote the following bold words (given below), which are not only meant positively and most sincerely, but which also have a very special property. Can you discover precisely what is special about the words…!? (A solution is given at the end of the article.)

Show passion solving!

Dear God,

I begin to really love it there, & I said that!

i.e., ‘Ace, best school prospers. Voila!’

How’s that?

Are there going to be real CDs

e.g. harps, oboes, cellos, pianos, violas & violins?

I’d positively dare it!

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