Blog Post #102: Happy Birthday Wishes Amplified for Romy H., with thanks also to Tessa VG.

Dear Readers,

I am very grateful for still being able to hear pretty well, thanks to having wonderful hearing aids from Amplifon.

Grateful for Hearing

Living in Belgium, I have already received lots of excellent, expert care from former/current Amplifon employees including Anais, Elena L., Romy H. and Tessa VG.

Amplifon experts Romy H. & Tessa VG.

Let’s wish Romy a super happy birthday today,

Scrumptious level Amplified!

and we can all enjoy an original puzzle involving Romy’s favourite one-digit number together with Tessa VG’s different favourite single-digit number. Let’s denote the favourite numbers by R and T respectively.

In the spirit of good fun, the ladies have allowed me to tell you a bit more…! The two-digit number RT (meaning not R x T, but rather the two-digit number with digits R and T in normal base ten) is equivalent to 111 in base T.

One possibility might have been 13 (in normal base ten) equals 111 in base 3, because 1113=1+3+32=13ten. However, the true solution for the ladies’ RT is not 13, but something else…

Your fun challenge is to now figure out the precise values of R and T. Then calculate R2 to discover Romy’s new age today!

The puzzle answers will be given in just a few M😊ments…

First, something I left until right here, here are a couple of classic ear jokes to hear!!

What three ears did Captain Kirk have?

His left ear, his right ear, and the final frontier!

How much does it cost a pirate to pierce his ears? – A buccaneer!!

Oh, wait…Captain Kirk just told me a third one…!

What did the left ear say to the right ear…?

Between us, something smells…

…goodness knows, goodness nose what!

How tricky is it to eat chocolate gateaux?!…

…It’s ‘a piece of cake’!

Here’s wishing Romy 100% joy. She’s turning 100 today…but only in number base R !! 😊😊
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