Blog Post #42: Happy Anniversary!

Dear Readers,

To a certain degree, the number 360 has been in my mind this week due to zooming round circles with some of my Maths students! Now today, I realise that it’s been 360 days since the previous birthday of my youngest brother-in-law who, many years ago, precisely on his 30th birthday, married my youngest sister. Continue reading “Blog Post #42: Happy Anniversary!”

Blog Post #41: We Can All Be Winners

Dear Readers,

Hello again, and welcome to my 41st blog post. With my first 40 posts, I happily started a tiny tree, and now to start off today I have a quick puzzle coming for you!


Make a proper eight-letter English word using all the letters of TINY TREE. Continue reading “Blog Post #41: We Can All Be Winners”

Blog Post #40: Prize Competition, end-of-March Birthday Brainteasers for You!!

Dear Readers,

Though many of us have never met each other in person yet, to everyone whose birthday is either today or still coming this month, I wish you all a wonderful time, along with the friends starring in this article, number forty! Continue reading “Blog Post #40: Prize Competition, end-of-March Birthday Brainteasers for You!!”

Blog Post #38: For Rob: a double 38 this Saturday, please!!

Dear Readers,

Whenever friends remind me of the time, long ago, when I, at age 16, won the World Under-17 Chess Championship in the little Dutch town of Sas Van Gent, I always think of Rob Maas, a friend who collected numerous newspaper clippings and photos about the tournament, and kindly posted them all to me at my parents’ home in Scotland. Continue reading “Blog Post #38: For Rob: a double 38 this Saturday, please!!”

Blog Post #37: Iedereen Is Belangrijk

Dear Readers,

Two days ago, despite the icy weather conditions, it was a great pleasure for me to drive to Kortrijk Chess Club, where I met up with several friends whom I hadn’t seen for many years, as well as getting to begin numerous new friendships. Continue reading “Blog Post #37: Iedereen Is Belangrijk”