Blog Post #61: For Christopher & Kristina!

Dear Readers,

I very much hope that you will all enjoy this article, which is especially dedicated to Christopher (one of my first students at my former school in Belgium, nearly 15 years ago) and to Kristina, an outstanding student at the beautiful Music school where I now work as the Mathematics teacher.

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Blog Post #57: Happy Birthday & Happy Wedding Anniversary!!

Dear Readers,

A couple of hours ago, I sent an early 24th wedding anniversary message to my sister whose husband is also about to have his 55th birthday. Continue reading “Blog Post #57: Happy Birthday & Happy Wedding Anniversary!!”

Blog Post #53: Incredible!

Dear Readers,

Since last August, I have been very happy and grateful for getting to work on Mathematics with wonderful students in a beautiful new school. Isabelle is one who loves to sketch creative drawings when she finishes Maths tests early with some minutes to spare. Today, I will feature a brainteaser about the following picture. Continue reading “Blog Post #53: Incredible!”

Blog Post #52: Beautiful Little Bird

Dear Readers,

A beautiful little bird (painted by Jagoda, a talented friend of mine) tells me that the fun brainteaser in this blog post could well keep many people and their friends entertained and thinking for a fair wee while! Inspired by today’s date (15.2.19), your challenge is to find the maximum number of consecutive positive whole numbers which, when all added together, produce a total sum of exactly 15219.

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