Blog Post #70: Back to the 70’s!

Dear Readers,

Today, my family has been busily and happily congratulating my son’s lovely girlfriend on turning 22. My personal message included the following sneaky fun surprise…

  • Pick any three-digit whole number which has three different digits from 1 to 9 (e.g. 236)
  • Write down all the two-digit whole numbers that can be made from your chosen three-digit number without repeating digits in the same number (e.g. 23, 26, 32, 36, 62, 63)
  • Add up all your two-digit numbers (e.g. 23+26+32+36+62+63=242)
  • Divide your total by the total of the digits in your chosen three-digit number (e.g. 242/(2+3+6)=242/11=22 for the birthday celebration today!)

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Blog Post #69: Enjoying Chess!

Dear Readers,

I consider myself to be a much more natural Maths teacher than chess player, and since I also believe that teaching is a more important part of my vocation, nowadays I invest a lot of time working to do the best job I can to help the Maths students at a beautiful music school where I have been for almost two years, so far. Still, it’s really nice to witness some of the students enjoying playing a bit of chess, during part of their lunch break for instance. One or two colleagues have been joining in the good fun, too, and hopefully more will follow soon! In the meantime, thanks to Christophe Gillain for the photo below with the giant pieces!

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Blog Post #68: For Jenny

Dear Readers,

I am dedicating this blog post #68 to my lovely wife, Jenny, who was born in the summer of ’68. I have had the honour of knowing Jenny for slightly more than half of her life, so far, as it’s now 26 years to-the-day since I saw her for the very first time on 27 May 1994.

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Blog Post #67: For Princess Pilu & Super-Boy Steven!

Dear Readers,

The photo just below is one of the most beautiful that I have seen in a long time! It was posted on Facebook earlier this month by the mother (pictured on the left) of the lovely Spanish girl (a former student of mine) who turned 16 on that day. Continue reading “Blog Post #67: For Princess Pilu & Super-Boy Steven!”

Blog Post #66: Thinking of You

Dear Readers & Friends,

Though the current Corona virus pandemic severely reduces people’s opportunities for meeting, we are still free to think of and pray for each other. Whether we have already met or not, I truly believe that one day we will meet, in a perfect place with no more death, illness or suffering of any kind. Continue reading “Blog Post #66: Thinking of You”

Blog Post #65: For Dear Colleagues Kate and James

Dear Readers,

This post is specially dedicated to two dear colleagues: Kate, whose birthday is coming on 29 February in less than two days’ time, and James, whose 50th birthday is coming in less than two weeks’ time on 11.3.2020. Continue reading “Blog Post #65: For Dear Colleagues Kate and James”

Blog Post #64: For Haley, Myriam, My Little Sister, Peter The Great AND a school pussy cat!

Dear Readers,

Happy Haley, a talented student at my school, recently surprised me with a lovely painting that she made as a New Year’s gift.

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Blog Post #63: Wishing Everyone A Very Happy New Year 2020 !

Dear Readers,

I’m just slightly early with this…, but I wanted to wish everyone a very happy New Year 2020 coming soon!

As most of my students enjoy brainteasers involving Maths and/or Chess, and one of the youngest recently told me, “I love puzzles more than my own heart!”, I offer you a couple of nice, quick, fresh puzzles to round off this year. Solutions will be published at the time of the next blog post.

Pictured- Young Mateo Maisky: “I love puzzles more than my own heart!”

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Blog Post #62: For Ruth, Diana, Micky, Phoebe, Charlie &…EVERYONE!

Dear Readers,

I very much hope that you will all enjoy this article, which includes a delightful, fun surprise for EVERYONE! It’s also particularly dedicated to Ruth, Diana, Micky, Phoebe and Charlie: five friends with whom I enjoyed a lovely chat and dinner yesterday. Continue reading “Blog Post #62: For Ruth, Diana, Micky, Phoebe, Charlie &…EVERYONE!”

Blog Post #61: For Christopher & Kristina!

Dear Readers,

I very much hope that you will all enjoy this article, which is especially dedicated to Christopher (one of my first students at my former school in Belgium, nearly 15 years ago) and to Kristina, an outstanding student at the beautiful Music school where I now work as the Mathematics teacher.

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