Blog Post #88: 39916800 Surprises for Herman & Others!

Dear Readers,

Based on the high number of jokes that I’ve cracked with my students, my colleagues and the school leaders at Musica Mundi School, some of them concluded (correctly) that my wife and my family must be “very courageous” to bear with such humour at home, too!

I was planning to say to Headmaster Herman that I’m only going to teach subtraction from now on because I just want to make a difference, but he’d have to deduct more points from my dossier…though I might be gifted a high-speed, one-way trip to the moon!

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Blog Post #87: Ace Musica Mundi School!

Dear Readers,

Some hours ago, I got to enjoy yet another unforgettably beautiful and inspiring concert at Musica Mundi School. Warm congratulations to all the wonderful, hardworking students and the very dedicated teachers who helped to prepare them so well.

Afterwards, I wrote the following bold words (given below), which are not only meant positively and most sincerely, but which also have a very special property. Can you discover precisely what is special about the words…!? (A solution is given at the end of the article.)

Show passion solving!

Dear God,

I begin to really love it there, & I said that!

i.e., ‘Ace, best school prospers. Voila!’

How’s that?

Are there going to be real CDs

e.g. harps, oboes, cellos, pianos, violas & violins?

I’d positively dare it!

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Blog Post #85: Orchestral Feeling

Dear Readers,

Three of my dear colleagues at the beautiful Musica Mundi School (where I work as the Mathematics teacher) are Peter (the House Father), Annabel (the House Mother) and Jacques Rouvier, one of the great Music instructors.

The ‘Orchestral Feeling’ title of this article was inspired partly by the wonderful way in which the entire adult team at the school cares so well for all the students. It is also a tribute to this heartening, energizing belief of Jacques and many others: If you do what you do with real, true feeling from your mind, heart and soul, then the voice and emotion behind all that you wish to express can impact and move others as if you were speaking with the power of a full orchestra.

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Blog Post #83: Magical Duets!

Dear Readers,

My house number, 11, is a palindrome; so is 101 or 11 x 11 =121, but what about 11 x 101 x 11? The result 12221 is clearly palindromic, and it’s intended to let you know a very nice date for your diary: exactly three weeks from today, on 12.2.21, you’ll be able to enjoy on YouTube (at 19:30 Central European Time via and clicking on the banner there) a feast of fabulous, musical solo performances featuring many young talents of Musica Mundi School.

I have the pleasure of getting to teach Mathematics to every student who studies the subject at the school, and right now I have some delightful surprises starring Julija and Hoi Yuet.

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Blog Post #82: Terrific Talents!

Dear Readers,

With special permission, of course, in today’s blog post I am delighted to be featuring a high five terrific young talents! Four of them are students at Musica Mundi School, and are therefore outstanding young musicians. All of them are also highly capable in Mathematics.

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Blog Post #81: Top of the Class, Nice Niklas!!

Dear Readers,

It is with great pleasure that I thank everyone who participated in the ‘Good Lives Global Prize Competition’ (see Blog Post #80).

Andy H. from Scotland was the very first person to reply with all the mathematical puzzles completely correct. Andy loves challenge puzzles so much that he simply wanted to enjoy them without being given a prize. So, in recognition of his excellent attitude, we have a bonus puzzle in Andy’s honour, down below.

Before then, I want to congratulate Quintijn van Heek (an A-Level Maths student of mine) and Krissy Teng (another great student at the beautiful Musica Mundi School in Waterloo, Belgium) for also solving all the mathematical puzzles. Well done, Quintijn and Krissy!

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Blog Post #80: Good Lives Global Prize Competition!

Dear Readers,

Welcome to this ‘Good Lives Global Prize Competition’ with free entry for everyone of every country! The more puzzles you solve, the better for sure, but you may possibly still receive some prize for submitting some good answers even if they’re not all perfect. So, please don’t be shy! Just go ahead and enjoy the puzzles (detailed below), and don’t hesitate to send in your answers by email to, preferably by Sunday 17 January; the sooner, the better for you!

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Blog Post #79: For Elizabeta!

Dear Readers,

It’s quite late now in Belgium, but I still really wanted to write this wee article tonight as a nice, extra boost for Elizabeta, a truly outstanding Maths student (at Musica Mundi School in Waterloo, Belgium) who always produces terrific work!

Let’s have a fun word puzzle, right now!

Leave out just the very last letter of I DREAM CHESS, and use all of the other ten letters to make the name of a famous Greek mathematician from long ago…

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Blog Post #76: Magical Joy & Peace

Dear Readers,

Within my family of three, Michael (my son), Jenny (my wife) and Paul (that’s me!) try to be always thankful for everything. We like to think of M, J & P as representing Magical Joy & Peace.  The answer to the question “How long will it last?” depends on us properly recognising the everlasting source of true love, joy and peace. Continue reading “Blog Post #76: Magical Joy & Peace”

Blog Post #75: Turn Over A New Leaf

Dear Readers,

I first heard the saying ‘Turn over a new leaf’ as a little boy, long ago. I have found the words to be very good, refreshing, encouraging and helpful for making positive changes. I can’t think of a better day to seriously consider turning over a new leaf than on All Saints’ Day, today.

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