Blog Post #94: Sneaky Surprises for Zooming Zoe!

Dear Readers,

Zooming Zoe acquired her title by making incredibly fast improvements in her recent Maths results!

It’s lovely to see her confidence zooming way up, and she more than deserves some nice, sneaky surprises now!

Today, the four-digit number 1112 comes to mind, for Zoe is saying ‘Au revoir’ to 11 as she’s turning 12. Happy birthday, young star!

With super-fun ‘Magic Maths’, you learn to expect the unexpected…so… whirl 1112 around to get 2111 ! Multiply it by yesterday’s 11, and the result 11 x 2111 = 23221 is beautiful for Zoe on her birthday, 23.2.21 today!

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