Blog Post #93: Happy Birthday, Kristina!

Dear Readers,

Today, February 20, is the 20th birthday of Kristina, a super-talented violinist who is also very good at Mathematics.

Let’s warm up with the following steps in honour of Kristina…

  1. Start with 93, the ordinal number of this blog post.
  2. Add on 100, for Kristina’s magical performances on the violin.
  3. Multiply by my favourite number, 3.
  4. Since I love it so much, let’s repeat step number 3 !!

Kristina wouldn’t need a calculator to figure out (93 + 100) x 3 x 3 = 1737,

and I’m pretty sure the result would make her laugh again–at least a little bit!–as I’ve often cooked up quick, fun puzzles resulting in the number 1737, because Kristina’s treasured violin dates way back to that very year!

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