Blog Post #13: Differences

Dear Readers,

I once challenged a student to mentally rearrange the letters of C IN DETAIL to make a proper nine-letter English word. As a bonus clue, I said, “The number of C IN DETAIL people is zero”! Can you also now figure out the details mentally? Continue reading “Blog Post #13: Differences”

Blog Post #7: Gifted

Dear Readers,

Yesterday, I wrote a full article from my heart as a gentle tribute to a wonderful lady and dear friend who died last Thursday. My small tribute may appear here soon, but only with the clear approval of the lady’s family, and that is why I am not publishing without asking. Continue reading “Blog Post #7: Gifted”

Blog Post #2: Friends Forever

Dear Readers,

This past week was so busy, with many colleagues and friends generously arranging all sorts of surprises for my birthday and my wife’s birthday too, that I’m only finally getting a chance now to put together this second blog post! Since lots of people very kindly thought of me–just as you are doing when you visit here–this new article is dedicated to all of you, with sincere thanks from me.

Continue reading “Blog Post #2: Friends Forever”